Newsletters and Email Marketing

Emb provides Newsletter and email marketing tools, which allow customers to send newsletters and emails to thousands of email
addresses with the click of a button. We’ve integrated iConact, an email marketing service, into our proprietary Content Manage System to allow our customers to take advantage of cutting edge email marketing features.

Using our editor, you can easily create attractive newsletters and emails complete with varying text colors, text fonts, text sizes and pictures. Once a message is ready, you can select whether the message is a newsletter or just a standard marketing email. Newsletters get archived and can be listed on a designated web page on the site allowing visitors to view current and past newsletters. Emails are not archived, but simply get sent as a typical email.

With the iContact integration, we can create a “Newsletter Signup” box where site visitors can and their email addresses to the newsletter recipient list. These email address submission are automatically added to your specific email address database. The next time you send out a newsletter or email, the visitors who recently signed up, will receive your message.

All Emb website customers have access to this feature and the first 1000 email addresses that are archived in your database are free. Since iContact charges additional fees as the number of email addresses in the database increases, we charge $ 10 for each additional 1000 email addresses past the first 1000. The charges are based on the number of email addresses in the database not the number of emails sent. You can send as many emails as you like during a given month.